lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

I'll Make a Brony Out of You - ilysabeth

Buceando por Youtube me he encontrado esta deliciosa parodia que espero que disfrutéis mucho. Si, son Ponnies y es cierto, cuando ver un capítulo... ya no puedes dejarlo xDD.

Let's start watching ponies
Cause they sure kick flank.
Once you've seen the pilot,
Lauren Faust, you'll thank.
You're an ordinary bunch of guys
But you can bet
Before we're through
I will make a Brony
out of you

You will be a badass
But with love within
Once you face the Friendship
They are sure to win.
You're all scared that you
Will lose respect
But I know that isn't true.
I will make a Brony
out of you.

I'm never gonna like Gilda
She made Fluttershy run crying,
Man, was she a pain, and Rainbow
Saw the truth.
Trixie equals best pony
Though of her skills she's lying,
Now I really hope that she's in Season 2.

(We're bronies)
We must be kind like Fluttershy is.
(We're bronies)
With all the magic of Twilight too.
(We're bronies)
With loyalty
Like Rainbow Dash's
Unite Harmony and take down
Nightmare Moon.

Time is racing toward us
till the world's a herd.
If you do not like it
You must be absurd.
You're unsuited for
this awesome show,
So pack up, go home
you're through
How could I make bronies
out of you?

(We're bronies)
We must be honest like Applejack is
(We're bronies)
With lots of laughter like Pinkie Pie's.
(We're bronies)
We must be generous like Rarity,
If we are to all the parasprites defy.

(We're bronies)
We must show love and tolerance
(We're bronies)
To everypony no matter whom.
(We're bronies)
And if we all can unite together
We'll have harmony, and friendship's magic too.

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